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FAQ’s on Home Health Care

Why should I use your service instead of someone in the newspaper?
Frontier Medical Home Health is a locally owned and operated agency.   We have been in business since 1996 and we are the longest standing, most established agency in Roswell, NM.   We ONLY employ the most stable, qualified and caring individuals so we can assure you receive a high standard of care.  We truly believe in doing the right thing so our employee turn-around is minimal – which is a true mark of excellence!
In what areas are your services available?
We provide services in the following New Mexico areas:  Roswell / Hagerman/ Dexter / Lake Arthur / Midway
Who needs Home care?
Usually following surgery, injury, or diagnoses of an ailment.
How do I get this service?
This service requires a doctor’s order.  Ask your doctor if you might benefit from nursing services at home.
How are these services paid for?
Yes, most services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances and we also accept those qualified for assistance through the Chaves County Indigent Fund.  Feel free to speak with our billing manager for more information.
How does in-home care cost compare to assisted-living or nursing homes?
The cost of skilled nursing services is at times significantly less than out-of-the home option. Skilled services in home are paid through Feel free to speak with a case manager for specific information.
Do you provide care in facilities also?
Yes. Along with at home services, Frontier Medical Home Health can provide care to patients that live in Assisted Living Facilities and Boarding Homes.
Is your agency licensed?
Yes. Frontier Medical Home Health is licensed with New Mexico’s Department of Public Health and is Medicare certified.
How do you select your nurses and therapists?
We consider: experience, compassion, and ability. We also carefully screen all employees for criminal records and driving violations. And of course, we check all references thoroughly.
How long does it take to get skilled services started?
Skilled care usually starts within 24 hours.
What if my nurse and therapist is sick or goes on vacation?
Another Nurse or Physical Therapist will seamlessly cover and of course, we inform clients of any changes prior to sending a substitute.